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The Urge to Roost



Uh oh! You got a coop ready or are those chickens going to roost on your head board?

Very cute!

If I can dig it up, I'll send you a picture of the nicest little coop a friend of mine made in her tiny backyard in Eugene.

Wed 04/19/2006 12:45PM e-mail home page

Haha - we don't have a headboard :)
Steve is hammering away at the coop this very moment. It's almost done and a passerby told him that it looked like a church.
A little chicken church.

Wed 04/19/2006 2:35PM e-mail home page

yeah !! its only been like what.......4 years! you must feel alittle bit of completion? no?

Tue 04/25/2006 7:42AM e-mail home page

My friend Boris in Staten Island got a pet chicken awhile back. His part of Staten Island is just suburbs, neat little rows of houses. He got it when it was a chick, by mail-order. He really liked his pet chicken, and it got along pretty well with him and his dog. But, eventually it ran away when someone accidentally left the front door open, and it never came back. Now, it is probably off in the forests of Staten Island, breeding with wild chickens. His parents never liked his pet chicken, and he suspected that they might have set it free on purpose.

Sat 05/06/2006 12:47AM e-mail home page