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Aidan sings these stream of consciousness rock n roll songs. This afternoon I was cleaning the inside of the car while Willie napped and Aidan was hanging out with me. I sent him to hose down some rubber floor mats and he came back soaking wet and started singing.

I think his songs are brilliant. They display improvisational skills that I studied in acting school - and I have this almost clinical appreciation of them. One of the things he does is repeat a sort of mantra - and he'll just repeat it until it turns into something else naturally.

Today he was singing something like, "I don't love my mom no I don't love my mom" over and over again with his best bad-ass rock n roll voice. I certainly noticed it, but didn't think much of it, we had been having a really nice day and he had no reason to show me agression.

He came over to me a few minutes later and said, "Mom, you know my songs aren't always about someone real."

"I know, Aidan"

"Because I was just singing a song about a mom and I didn't want you to think it was about you."