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3-2-1 Launch


Launching 2 sites this week - one is a little store I made for my mom to sell the tchotchkes that my brother and I have been teasing her about for years.

An example of using the word tchotchke from Dictionary.com:

"I'm going nuts with my mother's accumulation of tchotchkes -- it's bad enough she never parted with one she got as a gift -- but why did she have to buy more?"

Haha - well now she's selling them and it turns out that some of them are worth quite a bit of money!

Heart of Texas Treasures: Precious Moments, Boyds Bears and more.

The other is the site for WBCR in Great Barrington. This site has been slowly killing me for a year now. I'm so glad it's finally launched. It's missing a ton of content and is supposed to have some functionality that isn't there yet, but the people responsible for those bits of content have been dragging their feet for far too long and I couldn't hold the site back any longer.


Hey, at the main loudjoy.com site, the link to Steve's bio (http://www.loudjoy.com/stevebio.html) is a missing link. Plz fix that, it'll help you w/ the web design career if U get rid of missing links. There's also a missing link from http://loudjoy.com/AIDAN/index.html to http://loudjoy.com/personal.html, so if you deleted personal.html, you should take out that link too. I like how the 404 Not Found page doesn't tell what kind of server you have (like "Apache HTTP Server 1.3.666" or whatever it is)... that looks like a good way to do things ;-) Why is it that so many websites still use Apache Web Server 1.3.x, or, even worse, Microsoft IIS? Craziness. Apache 2.x is where it's at.

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