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Here's pics of the coop that might be over a month old now. The chickens are hardly ever in the pen these days - they're pretty trustworthy roaming the yard. We live on a busy road and if they are close and a truck goes by (or a train which runs behind the houses across the street) they go running in the other direction. They do go near the mobile home park entrance road but it's full of speed bumps and folks generally drive pretty slow. People have been pretty friendly about them so far. We've got a rooster though and we'll see what happens when he finds his voice.


Oh my gosh - that's adorable! Lucky chickens!

We have lots of neighbors with free roaming chickens - some by some very busy roads - and I have to say - I have never seen chicken roadkill. They might be smarter than say, your average squirrel. Or maybe they're slower. Or bigger. Or something. But they seem to survive even living on 32N - which is a very busy, 55 MPH road.

If you're ever up for posting pictures - I'm so curious to see how the rest of your house has turned out now that some time has passed. Some before and afters. I remember the pics from when you first moved in and based on your beautiful coop, I bet the house is looking amazing as well.


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My house would be a huge disappointment. Half of the first floor is still gutted to the studs and has been since November. We have managed to remove two walls, one of them a bearing wall so I actually find the space delightful and I don't care how long the renovation takes. Those walls were oppressive.

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